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Canadian Fencing Federation (CFF):

The national governing body for fencing in Canada. Check this site for information on Canadian teams, national fencing news, other provincial and territorial groups, domestic standings in all weapons and categories.

Ontario Fencing Association (OFA):

The provincial organization responsible fencing in the province. Watch this site for information about tournaments, events and fencing clubs in the province. Go to this site to obtain or renew your fencing licence.

US Fencing Association (USFA):

The governing body for fencing in the United States. This is the equivalent of the Canadian Fencing Federation in Canada. The site has good reference information and can help to locate fencing clubs in the USA. Have you ever considered fencing at a US club while on vacation?

Federation Internationale D’Escrime (FIE):

The international governing body for fencing. This organization establishes the rules regarding equipment, international tournaments etc. The FIE orchestrates major international fencing events like the Olympics and the PamAm Games. Great reference information about modern fencing and it's history.

Fencing Technical Rules (FIE)

Fencing Rules (PDF format)

Fencing Equipment

Allstar Canada

Blue Gauntlet

Leon Paul (USA)

PBT Fencing

Uhlmann / Allstar